Get To Know Signal Path

 (Testing gear at Signal Path HQ)

Do you believe in clairaudience?

That you can hear or almost even feel the subtlest shifts in sound? Like the crackle of the northern lights, that all forms of science and logic tell us we shouldn’t hear because it doesn’t exist?

Signal Path’s owner, Michael Boland does, and he has since DJ’ing in a dark and smoky Tokyo club more than 20 years ago. It was there he first played on a Urei 1620 DJ mixer and became exposed to the world of “good sound.”

What’s good sound you may ask? In the simplest of terms, good sound makes you feel good. In your body, in your mind… in your soul.

And since that fateful Tokyo night, Michael has been on a multi-decade crusade, to not just find, but share good sound with others. An unabashed audio-evangelist, he believes the love of music and hi-fi gear are not just intertwined but intimately linked and he takes great joy in converting others to the cause.

So again, do you believe in clairaudience? 

Do you want to not just hear but feel good sound?

Get in touch and let us take you there.

Nothing would please us more.